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Get inspired by these Packaging Competitions!

Get inspired by these Packaging Competitions!

It’s awards season! Time to enter your best packaging work! Competition is fierce. Print and design innovation is happening all around us! Packaging teams and their supply chains are helping consumer brands stand out with print and design embellishments that WOW consumers and judges alike. […]

2018 Consumer Packaging Trends to Watch

2018 Consumer Packaging Trends to Watch

The overarching trend in consumer packaging development is “make life easier for everyone.” Everyone means the consumer, the packaging supply chain, the brand client, the Omni-channel retailer, the environment and the MRF. To help define what “making life easier” means for your brand, ask these […]

Everything Starts with a Conversation

Everything Starts with a Conversation

If you and your small business are not having Social Media conversations yet, read on to get the insight you need to get started!

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These small business owners are having good conversations on social media, right now!

In this blog, I’ll share tips on how to leverage social media conversations that lead to better 2018 business results.

Social media is a persuasive marketing lever and powerful content sharing tool. And the basics are FREE!

FIRST TIP: Write a social media marketing strategy that will guide content and help you deliver on organizational objectives.

Social media is a great way to distribute good content and establish you and your small business as subject matter experts in your area(s) of expertise.

Get noticed by your ideal client and target audiences!

Of course, that happens only if you have good social media conversations. (reality check!)

Ok, I’ll recap 3 more tips from my small business talk:

Tip #2

Know your social media audience well. Create a “persona(s) on a page”. A persona is a visual description of a typical client and/or engaged target audience member. To create a persona, imagine “this person” or “these 2-3 people” with a client or prospect in mind. Describe(s) an ideal client/target audience and include a section on how your “WHY” helps them solve their business problem.

Tip #3

Get familiar with the basics! Social media is content + distribution (in its simplest form).

  1. Content – A well thought out content strategy will help you deliver organizational objectives. When writing your content strategy, ask yourself “What are we hoping to achieve for our organization through this content?” Prepare a content calendar that includes a variety of well-targeted content.
  2. Distribution – How do you know which channels you should sign up for? Let your clients, prospects and business associates guide you. Research where they hang out on social media. And, consider how much time you really have. Up to 3 platforms are ideal.

Tip #4

Understand channel dashboards and analytics – Establish KPI’s and SMART goals. Measure! Measure! Measure! View and measure your activity on operational dashboards. Identify what is working and what is not. Learn from it! Use a social dashboard if possible.

Do you have a Twitter profile?

I’ll be facilitating a Twitter Explained workshop in Toronto on February 28th. If you would like to take a deeper dive into Twitter and learn how to get social media conversations working better for you and your business, please sign up here:

That’s a wrap! I hope these tips prove useful to you.

Karen Blumel Consulting Inc. is a firm that specializes in B2B social media marketing services. I help small business owners leverage the power of social media marketing to sell more business to business products and services.


How has Social Media marketing helped your small business? We’d love to hear about it. Please leave a comment!

Be well!