These Shows were Made for Walking

These Shows were Made for Walking

DID YOU KNOW? You can gather market intelligence and insight about your customers, prospects, and competitors by attending industry trade shows.

Network. Learn. Grow!

Market intelligence and insights gained from trade show walks may help you:

  1. Become a SME (subject matter expert) amongst your peers and your associates.
  2. Land that new prospect.
  3. Prospect new accounts to help you achieve your objectives.
  4. Network and make connections.
  5. Share insights on social media.

There are many reasons why trade shows are good for your business.

Before you attend that trade show, I’ve got a good tip for you:

Set trade show objectives.

Plan your trade show walk in advance. If you didn’t pre-plan your trade show walk, take a few minutes to review the trade show brochure and jot down notes when you arrive at the show. Worth the few minutes it takes.

Visit the social media show hashtag a week before the event, review the exhibitor listing, and make a note to attend keynotes and influencer presentations.

Note: Social media hashtags are a good way to see what is going on, however, hashtags and tweets do not necessarily give you the targetted intelligence and insight you can get by attending in person.

Visit a trade show today.

Network. Learn. Grow!

Below I’ve listed upcoming Consumer Goods trade shows. If you work in wine, consumer goods, packaging, marketing or product innovation, I highly recommend attending these shows:

San Francisco Winter Fancy Food Show 2018 –  Jan 21 – 23 2018

Unified Wine & Grape Symposium 2018 – Jan 23-25 2018

RC Show 2018 – Canada’s largest food service trade event – Toronto Feb 27-28 2018

SIAL 2018 – Dedicated to foodservice and retail – Montreal May 2-4 2018

TIP: Go beyond the social media tradeshow hashtag.

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No time to walk that trade show?

Please reach out to me to learn more about I can help you get the intelligence and insights you need from qualified trade shows.

I am a consultant and marketer specializing in consumer product packaging innovation and helping consumer goods companies leverage the power of their packaging supply chain to sell more product, lower costs, and improve turnaround times.

I hope you found this blog post useful.


Which tradeshows you will be attending in 2018? Will you attend one or more of the shows I have listed above?

Need help? Please reach out!

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