A stylish perspective: Seen = Sold

A stylish perspective: Seen = Sold

During the path to purchase, did you know that the first thing consumers notice about a product is color?

According to Walter Soroka in his book Fundamentals of Packaging Technology, “Color is the first thing an observer notices about a product package. It is recognized before shape, and the graphic of text content is recognized last. As such, color is one of the most important motivators of a purchase decision. Color evokes an emotional response.”

In a sea of brands and packages, there is no question about it, color selection and blocking influences getting seen and purchased by consumers. Particularly in food and beverage markets.

Have you noticed how color is often associated with a food product and category flavor such as blue is often used in vanilla or coconut product package designs? Purple is well used in the chocolate category, especially by Cadbury. Green conveys natural or organic in personal care and food products.

Color is trending!

And product packaging is becoming an expression of personal style.

We are starting to accessorize our lives with product packages that give others a clue as to who we are.

Product packaging as a badge of honor, if you will.

Now trending:




Here are examples of what I mean:

1. Frisky Zebra Wine leverages the power of wine packaging on the retailers’ shelf and at your next dinner party. They differentiate their award-winning wine brand with 100% earth-friendly messaging on the closure ensemble and the wine is packaged in light-weight bottles. If you turn the bottle around a digitally savvy QR code can be scanned and explored. This is the kind of wine bottle that people talk about over dinner or at a party.

Maybe for just a minute.

“Where did you buy that wine?”

It’s messaging goes beyond the wine itself to the label and packaging. It’s stylish to serve earth friendly packaged wines.

earth friendly packaging, light-weight bottles, packaging

2. Jones Soda, an innovative marketer of soda beverages, was the first to introduce us to personalized packaging many years ago. Read about their 2017 launch of Hard Soda Bottles.


3. Coca-Cola mass-produced personalization for retail distribution where you can find your name and grab a Coke bottle with your name on it:

More and more brands are jumping on the stylized personalization trend.

Product packaging is an accessory. A reflection of your personal style.

Product packaging is making an entrance in interior design spaces.

Recently, at a real estate open house, I walked into the gorgeously spacious kitchen. There were no flower arrangements on the counter, no fruit bowls or magazines on the table.

There was, however, a bottle of Olive Oil and a pepper mill on the counter. It’s a cook’s kitchen.

At a recent Small Business event, the bottled water was unbranded:

Packaging is a reflection of our personal style!

I hope you enjoyed reading this new point-of-view on product packaging.


How does your product packaging help consumers express their personal style?

Be well!


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