5 signs it’s time to refresh product packaging

5 signs it’s time to refresh product packaging

Marketing budgets are tight and getting tighter.  There are many places to invest time, resources and money.

Have you considered refreshing product package design to help improve visibility, shop-ability, differentiation, and efficiency?

The goal of a refresh is often to improve profitability through cost reduction and/or increased sales.

(And on that note, a packaging refresh is good content for sharing on social media)

Here are the 5 signs it’s time to refresh product packaging:

  1. Compiance – To be compliant brands are required to update packaging to reflect regional rules. Sync updates with a design refresh.
  2. Be an early adopter or first mover in your product space with a digital activation – Engage, educate, authenticate and tell a story by connecting product packaging to consumer devices. Most important: keep it simple! Consider QR codes, AR and NFC. QR codes, south african wines
  3. Product innovations are underway – Re-design with a well-crafted hierarchy of information that balances product information with impactful graphics on packaging. Now more than ever, consumers are reading and scanning. Be clear and simple in your approach. Work with your designer to map out claims and symbol positions that balance look and feel. Make your claims stand out and of course always ensure they comply. (as in #1).
  4. Improve “stand out” factor – Over a period of time, categories get tired looking. An innovative approach to graphic design by one brand often becomes category normal and “me too” over time. Colour, blocking (or unblocking!), shelf position and competitive distractions impact findability.  Get started on your packaging refresh journey with a Visual Brand Analysis (refer to my blog on VBA). Following the VBA, write a creative brief!
  5. Structural efficiencies– If you unbox retail packages made by global companies you can learn a lot about how these brands and their printers optimize packaging for efficiency and cost savings. Optimize packaging structure.

Packaging is a powerful touch point for consumer brands. If your brand does not have a big advertising budget and relies almost completely on consumer packaging, website, in-store merchandising and social media sharing for brand awareness amongst target consumers, I encourage you to read more of my blogs. I am writing them with you in mind.

Need help? Please reach out to me at Karen Blumel Consulting Inc. I am a packaging innovator and CPG expert with over 10,000 hours of leadership and experience in end-to-end product and packaging innovation development.


Are you planning to redesign your packaging in 2018? What is the driving force behind the decision to re-design?

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