Coming soon: The Consumer Packaging Conversation

Coming soon: The Consumer Packaging Conversation

Is your leadership team having a conversation about the conversation?

Here’s what I mean:

For years, Coke, and McDonald’s have been conducting consumer behavior research and collaborating with their supply chains about packaging and recycling opportunities and challenges. Just last month McDonald’s announced on social media that they are stepping up and will use their #ScaleforGood to reduce the impact of their packaging on the environment.

A recent announcement from McDonald’s:



It’s a real thing. The conversation is happening.

Recycling and packaging sustainability conversations are about to get very emotional.

Some say the conversation is already very emotional.

Packaging matters.

When developing packaging, strive to make life easier for each stakeholder.

Each stakeholder? Yup, that includes the consumer, the packaging supply chain, the product, the Omnichannel retailer, the environment, and the MRF.

McDonald’s is doing it. Your brand can do it too!

Get serious with your supply chain about the consumer packaging conversation you want to own.

In 2018 and beyond your product success may depend on it.

The package is the product.

Have a sustainable day!

Be well,


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