Welcome to Karen Blumel Consulting!

A consumer packaged goods (CPG) expert and packaging strategist helping small to medium sized businesses leverage the power of packaging to grow profits and enhance consumer connection with product.

How may I help you?

My expertise is:

  1. Driving complexity & time out of packaging process
  2. Navigating market intelligence to profitable and branded packaging decisions
  3. Innovating & executing profitable packaging strategy

I’m also a packaging insider.

I have knowledge, experience, and insight for all things packaging.

My “packaging insider” credentials:

  • 12 years of active and practical expertise in technical packaging development and innovation with global retailer and CPG clients.
  • 10,000 hours of print innovation leadership with leading print and design firms.
  • And global retail experience in workflow efficiency, agency negotiation, and package supply agreements.

I’m your coach, facilitator and trusted advisor.

Product packaging is often the first interaction the consumer has with your product. Supply chain development decisions have great influence on consumer behaviour towards your brand.

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Karen Blumel