Package Innovation

Package Innovation

My 2017 pick:  Top 7 Packaging Innovators

These 7 innovative companies have helped shape the future of packaging. They are experts in sustainability, product innovation, efficiency, digital transformation, connected packaging and research. They make life easier for business leaders and consumers. The benefit: their capability helps consumer goods business leaders sell more product or increase profit!

They innovate to make consumer lives better and to help business leaders sell more product.

These are just 7 of 100’s of companies out there. Let’s talk about your needs and determine which innovators will help you better engage your target audience, sell more product and gain consumer advocacy and loyalty on social media channels.

Packaging innovation and consumer moments:

Packaging pre-sells the product on-line, in-store and mobile.

While most consumer purchasing decisions are still made at the shelf, eight out of ten consumers now use their mobile device as a personal shopping assistant while they view products on store shelves.

Is your product packaging mobile friendly?



Consumer in-use moments matter.

Beyond the sale, once the product is taken home by consumers, it’s the packaging that will be seen, touched, opened, closed and read over and over again.

Research shows that 41% of consumers buy products again because they like the packaging! (AC Nielsen – 2017)



Making packaging decisions for end-of-life.

The consumer experience does not end after product is consumed. It’s the consumer’s responsibility to make end-of-life decisions on behalf of your packaging decisions.

Help them reduce, re-use, re-purpose and recycle.



The insider story: Workflow and process. 

More often than not, business leaders develop what I call “fast packaging”. Fast packaging is fast! The goal is to meet a packaging deadline while driving cost out of  development and getting to market faster. Fast packaging is common amongst low-cost producer CPG and primarily focuses on manufacturing efficiency innovation.

With fast packaging, consumer engagement innovation is a close second priority and missed revenue opportunity. And fast packaging is often misleading.  Often, fast packages are developed in complex workflows that can actually increase costs, extend time to market and produce “me too” packaging.

Let’s talk!

Now more than ever, product packaging is a powerful way to enable new mobile experiences, enhancements to supply chain, workflow and new revenue opportunities.

Reach out for a consultation on how to harness opportunities and break through barriers to innovation throughout the packaging development lifecycle.  Sell more product. Help them buy!