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Get inspired! 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Business to Business

Get inspired! 10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Business to Business

Did you know? Social media is a persuasive marketing lever and powerful content sharing tool. Are you leveraging social media to grow your small business? Social media is a great way to distribute your content and establish you and your small business as subject matter […]

How to do the digital, flexo, or litho dance!

How to do the digital, flexo, or litho dance!

If you are a food and beverage start-up, you already know that packaging development is not for the faint of heart. If anything can go wrong, it will. Ugh! Help is on the way. I’m writing this blog with you in mind. Seriously, read on to […]

10 things you can do in 10 minutes

10 things you can do in 10 minutes

Get inspired in 10 minutes, easily:

  1. Instead of standing in line at Starbucks, make your own coffee!
  2. Write a thank you note to a business associate or client.
  3. Download a happiness APP and use it.
  4. Update to iOS 11.0.3
  5. Clean the inside of your car.
  6. Write a list of “to do’s” in 10 minutes or less.
  7. Call them instead of sending a text or email.
  8. Be kind to yourself.
  9. Give back!
  10. Attend a CAWEE talk.

Hey! I’m going to give a 10-minute talk at CAWEE on Thursday, November 9th in Toronto.

WHIFM?  (What’s in it for…… you?)

You will learn and get inspired about actionable social media possibilities that you can put to use right away!

Here’s what I’ll cover on B2B (business to business):

Getting started: Drafting your positioning statement.

What does a well-crafted client journey look like in 2018?

B2B Social Media: The BIG 3.

Personas – How to define your sweet spot B2B client!

The content calendar.

Twitter Hashtags and GIFS.

Who to follow.

Mentions: social media workflow, automation and more! In 10 MINUTES.

It’s at The Hothouse Restaurant, across from the Flatiron building:


We are CAWEE (Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs)!

Here is a link to sign up:

We start at 7:30am sharp with business networking, then enjoy a delicious hot breakfast. Around 8:15 we get to the nitty-gritty: your 30-second commercial message! Everyone has the opportunity to grab the microphone and share their business message with attending members and guests.


There are usually 30+ women entrepreneurs and executives in the room. Lots of introductions, laughter, and fabulous networking!

Then it’s time for the much anticipated 10-minute talk.

Every month we draw names to choose a speaker and last month, mine was chosen for the November 9th breakfast.

I’m looking forward to giving tips on how to power your social media marketing efforts to grow your small business (B2B) revenue.

See you on the 9th ladies!

Karen Blumel Consulting Inc. is a firm that specializes in Omnichannel packaging and social media marketing services. A former Coca-Cola sales executive and brand champion, I know how to plan and execute a powerful marketing strategy that engages target audiences in a brand story. Sell more product!

Join me as I share a quick and nimble approach to social media marketing and my passion for developing clear and simple processes that will help you roll up your sleeves and get started on B2B Social Media success.

OVER to you!

Are you a member of a women’s professional networking group in Toronto?

Tell us about it!